Functional Assessments Reports

Specific to purpose and goals or person such as:

  • Collaboration to assess optimal accommodation models to meet needs
  • Understanding how best to support independence (current performance)
  • Reviewing needs against insurance policies and best practice

Types of Standardised Functional Assessments

For people with Acquired Brain Injury

  • Functional Independence Measure
  • WeeFIM (Functional Independence Measure for children)
  • Care and Needs Scale
  • Quality of Life Assessment

For people with Schizophrenia, Schizoaffective and Psychosocial Disability

  • Life Skills Profile
  • Health of a Nations Outcome Survey
  • Independent Living Scales
  • Quality of Life Assessment

For people with Developmental, Intellectual Disability and Autism

  • Inventory for Client and Agency Planning
  • Vineland-3
  • WeeFIM
  • Quality of Life Assessment

Activities of Daily Living Assessments (as required)

  • Observational Performance of self-care
  • Financial Management assessment
  • Meal Preparation assessment
  • Medication Management assessment

Additional Assessment Tools for Specific Needs (as required)

  • Drug and alcohol screens
  • Depression, anxiety and stress screens
  • Intellectual disability screens (non-verbal included)
  • Cognitive and Motor Assessments
  • Sensory Profile Assessments

Notes for NDIS participants

National Disability Insurance Agency Managed and Plan Managed supports are
accepted at $193.99 per hour plus travel.
*Private paying or self-managed will require payment at time of appointment with
EFTPOS facilities available. Self-managed and private paying are accepted at
$180.00 per hour plus travel.